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The methanol: long-short concentration appeared to shock is inevitable

Views:3164 TimesDate:2014/08/12

   Is central to cash all kinds of good and bad news this week, a week prior to the international and domestic news will be in focus this week revealed its influence in the market.

   International aspects, Egypt and Saudi Arabia s device maintenance good, the spot market to boost significantly, compared with the previous week has risen 5.5 euros/ton, the market for the second quarter of the consumption of inventory has started, many end users began to stock up at the weekend. Oil in southeast Asia, the horse equipment instability, number one device after parking, no. 2 plant operation instability, currently at low load, the spot price of 3 dollars/tons, in the past week has this week, the oil is likely to need parking overhaul, the southeast Asian spot supplies are tight, still have certain rising space. Although the U.S. market, domestic major enterprises have said will restart their methanol device, but the plan is expected in the fourth quarter and later, in the short term can t get rid of a locking spot supply situation.

   Domestically, the nanjing youth Olympic Games opening in and, combined with the previously kunshan and changzhou for explosion accident, parts of jiangsu province and east China stepping up inspections, dangerous chemical industry and stop, limit production measures were carried out for related enterprises, the east China area is high inventory consumption, nanjing wison last week to stop receiving, and mae sai nice also have parking overhaul its acetic acid plant plan, this week the already flagging east China market will thus were beaten again.

   The northwest region, ningxia baofeng device temporary parking last week, but has quickly recover and sale, in another development, the enterprise the current inventory is too high, nissan is huge, and other enterprises in the region are taken on sale way to grab market share, in baofeng olefin plant has not been opened and the region will still to maintain the weak. Inner Mongolia and shanxi area will have a batch of enterprises focus this week to restart, export, transport strengthening procuratorial into August, logistics seriously affect sales, the region enterprises export pressure, inventories are rising expectations, and the main sales areas of central China are big business resumption of export, southwest has the price response, east China remain weak trend, under selling pressure, which is in the region.

   Last week in southwest to restart a export business, adverse to the southwest market movements of the already low, and the region by external pressure goods, have dropped last week, sent to east China transportation capacity is limited, may narrow arrangement is given priority to.

   Currently only in northern hebei and shandong, jiangsu downstream, receiving good start working, and logistics costs rise because of foreign goods, don t have price advantage in the short term, the market was positive, and weekend have accident parking, the market will rise again. The market is still in the region this week was positive, without external impact low price goods, short-term there is still a rising space.

   In conclusion, the international market this week continued to improve, the domestic ports to decrease stress, parts are still positive factors, and also a lot of new sales unit, adverse to the surrounding market, all kinds of positive and negative will focus this week, regional differentiation trend, fear of short-term volatility and mixed, difficult to have unified situation.
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